5 AI Face Swap Video Free Tools

5 AI Face Swap Video Free Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives in various aspects, one of which is through AI face swap. Many users find these AI face swap tools entertaining as they can swap faces with characters from their favorite films or TV shows. However, face swap tech can also play an important role in professional fields such as image processing, video editing, graphic design, and digital marketing, injecting unexpected creativity and character into the content and making it look more attractive and interesting!

After testing and comparing various AI face swap tools, we have found 5 tools that are suitable for both professionals and beginners looking for advanced functions or user-friendly sites. Therefore, outstanding features and disadvantages of AI face swap will be presented in this article to help you wisely find an efficient and affordable AI face swap tools.


Introduction of AI Face Swap


1. Pica AI Face Swapper

Pica AI Face Swapper has multiple functions which are easy for most users to manipulate. Employing deep learning algorithms, it can accurately capture your facial features and seamlessly blend them into selected image templates. Specifically, its three major functions are face swap, multiple face swap and video face swap. Moreover, Pica AI allows users to transform into historical figures, celebrities and more With a diverse library of templates. Besides choosing templates, you can also upload a photo to swap faces and have the new face present the same expression as the original.

ai face swap video online free


Efficiency: Quick face detection and swapping, which takes about 1 minute to generate a picture, saving users’ time

Realistic and high-quality face swaps: your refaced photo will look incredibly natural and realistic after the face swap

User-friendly: The interface is user-friendly, with detailed information about usage steps clearly shown on the page, suitable for both beginners and professionals

Free Use Times: As a new user, you get 6 credits to try all functions. You can earn more credits by sharing your experience through a questionnaire



Long Video Generated Time: If you want a AI face swap video free tool, there are five templates for you to experience, but it takes 48 minutes to generate one, which is time-consuming

Limited Versatility: The tool focuses on face swapping and may lack advanced editing features

Watermarks: Generated photos have watermarks when downloaded


Website Link: https://www.pica-ai.com/


2. Reface Unboring

If you are searching for a fun and easy-to-use app, I couldn’t help but recommend Reface Unboring! It is an AI-enhanced face-swapping software that allows users to swap faces not only in static images but also in videos. Like Pica AI, the app also has three functions: face swap, multiple face swap and video face swap, which lets users swap faces with their favorite celebrities in popular video clips. Moreover, it is renowned for its advanced and highly accurate face-swapping technology, utilizing AI and Deepfake technology to create high-quality face swaps.

a tool creates photos and videos immediately


Entertaining functions: With features like face swap, animation, image restyle, and video restyle, Reface Unboring offers multiple hilarious ways to entertain and relax users

Quality: High-quality face swaps are achieved using AI and deepfake technology

With features like face swap, animation, image restyle, and video restyle, Reface Unboring offers multiple hilarious ways to entertain and relax users

Privacy Protection: Before using the face swap function, Unboring ensures that your data won’t be sold and provides service only after obtaining your agreement



Relatively-complex steps: The manipulation steps are not as clear and easy as those of Pica AI and you have to sign up to use the site

High Cost: The app is not free; users need to subscribe to the site for more services

Hidden multiple face swap function: This function can only be found when uploading a new photo or video, without clear instructions on the website to guide you


Website Link: https://reface.ai/unboring



3. Remaker AI

Remaker AI provides various features such as face swap, multiple face swap, video face swap, and batch face swap. More specifically, batch face swap includes swapping multiple pictures with one target face in batches or swapping multiple target faces with the same picture in batches. With the protection of the privacy policy on the website, you can use Remaker AI safely.

a free face swap online tool


Free to Use: Remaker offers free features with limited credits. Sign in to earn more credits to unlock more functions and usage

User-Friendly: The interface is divided into two parts: AI Face Swap Online and AI Tools by Remaker AI, helping users quickly find the targeted function

Watermark-free: Downloaded photos do not have watermarks, and the generation time is rapid

Language Conversion: Users can choose between Chinese or English on the website, enhancing efficiency



Limited templates: The limited face swap templates encourage users to upload their own photos for better results

Unrealistic Generated Quality: The generated photos may lack naturalness and realism compared to the original photo with an animated style


Website Link: https://remaker.ai/en



4. MioCreate 

MioCreate is an easy-to-use, free AI face swap tool. Leveraging AR (Augmented Reality) technology, MioCreate offers a range of creative options, enabling users to insert their faces into renowned paintings or iconic movie scenes. Therefore, this versatility makes it a fun and versatile application for both personal and artistic use.

a free face swap tool


Security and Privacy: MioCreate prioritizes your security with a strict policy, ensuring that your facial data is never stored, allowing for unlimited and safe fun at no cost

Diverse Face Swap Options: MioCreate offers a wide array of face swap options, including Friend & Family Face Swap, Swap Face in Your Own Photo, Face Swap on Painting, Celebrity Face Swap, Movie Role Reface, and Face Swap Memes

Free sharing: MioCreate lets you share face swaps freely with no watermarks, making it easy to show friends and family



Limitations in Flexibility: MioCreate lacks some advanced editing options found in more complex software

Short video time: Free users are limited in video length

Unstable website: The site may experience occasional instability, with uploads occasionally failing and the site being under construction at times


Website Link: https://www.miocreate.com/



5. Artguru

Artguru's interface and operational methods closely resemble those of Pica AI, providing users with a wide selection of template styles. Additionally, should the provided models not fully align with your requirements, Artguru enables you to freely upload your own images, offering additional options for customization.

ai face swap


Creativity: In addition to conventional face swapping, this tool allows users to place their own faces onto classic artworks

Ease of Use: The interface remains simple and intuitive, ensuring user-friendliness

Privacy Protection: A clearly outlined privacy policy is provided to protect users' data

Advanced Settings: Additional face swap functions such as explore, trending, my creations, and my likes are showcased on the website



Scope Constraints: While unique, the tool limits face swapping to art masterpieces, potentially falling short for users seeking standard options

Accuracy: Despite AI assistance, blending faces with artworks may sometimes lack smoothness or appear unnatural

Internet Dependency: As an online tool, it relies on a stable internet connection for operation


Website Link: https://www.artguru.ai/



In conclusion, these five AI face swap video free tools open a completely innovative and efficient door for you to find suitable face swap functions in photos or videos. Now, seize the chance to dive into the world of online face swapping and take your photo-editing skills to the next level today!


FAQs About AI Face Swap Video Free Tools


1. How do these AI face swappers work?

Answer: AI face-swapping tools use deep learning and neural networks to analyze facial features in images. They then replace these features with another person's, achieving facial swapping.


2. Are these AI face swappers safe?

Answer: Most AI face-swapping tools are technically safe because each website typically has a Privacy Policy that outlines data collection, ownership, and sharing practices. In that case, users concerned about privacy should review these policies beforehand.

3. Can I use these tools to swap faces in any image?

Answer: Most tools support face swapping in both photos and videos, though some may have specific requirements regarding image quality.

4. What's the maxlength of the video for face swap, restyling?

Answer: It usually takes about 30-60 seconds to produce a photo. When it comes to videos, it depends on your video length and your internet speed which varies in these apps.

5. Are these tools free?

Answer: Some AI face-swapping tools offer free versions, but they often come with limitations such as watermarks or feature restrictions. Meanwhile, paid versions typically offer more features and a better user experience.
















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